Why Berkshire?

Why Berkshire?

One thing we strive for at Spring Creek Farms is EXCELLENT pork. We believe we have just that! A huge factor is the breed we have selected — The Berkshire.

A little history about the Berkshire Hog. Berkshire Hogs are a breed that originated nearly 300+ years ago! Now, that’s an old hog! This breed of swine was developed in the British town of Berkshire and is still very popular there today. This breed is also known as Kurobuta in Japan.
Known for its tenderness and marbling, we don’t see why anyone would not want to keep this Heritage Breed around! We will go into further details below as to why we love this breed so much, and why we have chosen it as our prime choice of pork!

Now on to the nitty-gritty…why do WE choose it over other breeds? Well, for many reasons…

Number 1: Shorter Muscle Fiber

You may be asking, “What in the WORLD does this have to do with my meat?” Basically, this is what tells us how much marbling the meat is going to have. The shorter muscle fibers allow for LOTS OF MARBLING! Just what we want in a juicy pork chop! It also allows for some AMAZING flavor and tenderness!

Number 2: Lack of Stress

This breed is known for being stress-free and just enjoying life! They take every day one, at a time, which means less stress to the meat. —  Causing less toughness!

Number 3: Bred for Higher PH and Oleic Acids

This breed was bred to contain higher PH levels which can make for darker, more FLAVORFUL meat! They also contain higher amounts of Oleic Acids which are mono-unsaturated omega-9 fatty acids. In layman’s terms….the good stuff you need!

We hope this provides insight into the INCREDIBLE heritage breed we love. We believe our choice provides y’all with the best quality meat available!

From Our Family To Yours,
The Wisdoms

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