Below are our current puppies that are available for new homes!

Our Puppies

Our puppies are all raised with sheep and free-range chickens. They are acclimated to hogs, horses, cattle, guineas, and a goat named Maw! We feel that it is essential for them to get the ground work at a young age so they are able to bond with their future flocks and herds.

Our puppies stay in a separated area with their mother until weeks 5-6. We do this for their protection. During this time they are introduces to free-ranging guineas and other dogs. We then move them into the pasture where they will spend the remainder of there time here with sheep and free-range chickens. This is where they will get a majority of their training. We will keep the puppies until they are 10-12 weeks, depending on if the new owners currently have an LGD on site. (This is for training purposes.) All puppies, while on the farm, will be up to date on all wormings, shots, and they will also be microchipped.

These puppies come from working stock. They will require a large area to patrol and run! The split in breeds provides a perfect balance between the two. The Great Pyrenees side provides a tender spirit. One that nurturing, and caring. While the Anatolian Shepherd side provides more aggression towards predators. We have found that this combination has allowed us to receive the best of both worlds, and have allowed us to share that with other farmers looking for the perfect guard dog!



Available Puppies


We started getting our meat from them to avoid the antibiotics and hormones and boy has it made a huge difference. My husband who said meat is meat even said it was life changing! So we order regularly now and rarely get our meat anywhere else. It’s nice to know that you can trust where your meat comes from. The eggs are also good! We also got our puppy from them and he is the sweetest!

Stephanie Gerke Rogers

Received 2 great guardian pups!

Carie Mike Manes