100% Grass-Fed & Finished BEEF

Our cattle graze the beautiful pastures of the Missouri Ozarks. NO GRAIN HERE!

Grass-Fed Benefits

Why choose grass-fed when grain fed is so easy to come by? Let us fill you in on some of the benefits of choosing our grass-fed beef!

Fewer Calories

Yes, we said it! FEWER CALORIES! The amount of fat found in a grass-fed beef is significantly lower to that of grain fed. Grain-fed beef contain a lot of fat. While on the other hand, a beef that eats ALL GRASS, is much leaner, leaving you with a much healthier option when you go to eat that big juicy burger!

More Healthy Fats

Grass-fed beef is a great source for Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3's are a great way to reduce inflammation and can even help to fight off cancer!

Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Since grass-fed beef contains such low amounts of saturated fats, it actually helps REDUCE your risk for heart disease!

Better for the Environment

When eating grass-fed beef you are actually helping save the environment! By eating an animal that only consumes grass, you are helping by reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions used in conventional meat production! Not only does it have a low environmental foot print, it also plays a vital role in regenerating it! Healthy perennial pastures grazed properly by ruminant animals, such as cattle, are actually able to help plants sequester carbon from the atmosphere. This in turn puts it into the soil where it becomes the building blocks for life!

Potential Cancer Fighter

One of the most prominent nutrients found in grass-fed beef is conjugated linoleum acid or CLA. This nutrient actually fights off cancer!! CLA also helps prevent other diseases and conditions such as obesity and diabetes.

More Vitamins

Grass-fed beef contains more Vitamin A and Vitamin E.



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Calories in a 4 oz. Grass-Fed Sirloin Steak



Percent Grass-Fed and Finished

Our Cattle

We originally started as a cow/calf operation and have since expanded. We felt the need for a healthier option to beef and feel that we have been able to produce just that.

All of the beef sold at Spring Creek Farms is produced by our own cattle and raised on our farms from birth to finish. The breeds we select are primarily Angus and Hereford. Both breeds are known for their excellent beef!

Most modern cattle are bred to thrive on a high grain diet in a feedlot, this is not the case at Spring Creek Farms. Our cattle are well adapted to their grass only environment and thrive on nothing but the diverse pastures they graze. These genetics stay true to their type from days before feedlots and intensive grain farming was the norm. By selecting for genetics that thrive on grass alone, we can produce the most tender and flavorful beef you can buy!


Managing Our Pasture

What keeps grass-fed beef fed? Well, grass of course!


How We Manage and Rotate

At Spring Creek Farms we manage pastures to feed livestock as well as build soil and improve the land. By managing the movement of our livestock, we are able to maintain rich diverse pastures containing a variety of grasses, legumes and forbs. This diversity is essential to animal heath as well as the health of the land.

One of the greatest blessings that we have at our disposal is Josh. Josh graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with a Bachelors degree in Plant and Soil Sciences. Having this knowledge at our fingertips makes rotational grazing a lot easier! He is able to determine which pastures will be the best to graze at a particular time.

Josh always says we are not just cattle farmers, we are grass farmers! If we take care of our fields, they will then take care of our animals, which in turn will take care of us!

Throughout harsh winter months are cattle are fed hay or silage that has been baled during the previous year. We make sure that the hay that we feed them is of high quality so that they can still receive the nutrition that they need in order to thrive over those difficult months.

Our cattle receive fresh pasture on a regular basis, and drink from crystal clear spring fed waters that run throughout our property. Our kids even get in on the action as we move them calling, "sook cows, sook!" Our 2 year old, Wiley, has just recently learned the word and now calls it on a regular basis! We love when those spring months come and the cows jump for joy at the site of fresh green grass!


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