Meet The Dogs That Protect Our Farm

Our Livestock Guardian Dogs mean the world to us! They keep our flocks and herds safe day and night! 

We encounter multiple predators here in Salem, MO. They range from skunks, raccoons, and possums, to coyotes and even the occasional mount lion or even bear! We can rest easy knowing that our dogs have got us covered!



Yukon has been a part of this farm since 2017,

when we first got him as an 8 week old pup. He has

since become a part of this farm and a part of our family!

He is the all-around farm guard dog and has sired multiple

litters of puppies. He surveillances the entire property,

and also protects our family! We would be lost without this

amazing dog!



Kenai began his journey at Spring Creek Farms in

the beginning months of 2019. He joined us as a

puppy from Michigan. He is a full-blooded Great

Pyrenees and we are so happy to have him!

Being only 6 months, he is doing extraordinarily well

in his training and we are so excited to see the GREAT LGD he becomes!



    Homer is the son of Yukon and Denali.

This big handsome boy is still growing and learning,

but is turning into an incredible guardian and a loving companion.

He has become Kenai’s best friend in the field, and partner

in watching our flocks, both sheep and fowl. At 17 months old,

he is weighing in at 120 lbs of muscle and fur!



We were blessed to get Nukka in October of 2020

after the passing of Sitka. Nukka comes from 17

generations of LGDs and is actually from the same lineage

as Sitka was! We made a special trip down to Georgia and

snatched her right up as soon as the opportunity presented

itself and so far we are not disappointed! We cannot wait to find

out if she has what it takes to make it into our breeding program

and we are so excited to see what she becomes!



Denali has been a part of this farm since 2017,

when we brought her home as a puppy. She is a crucial part of our

farm operation and we could not do what we do without her!

She is one of our full-time sheep guard dogs! She

is with them 24/7 and does an amazing job keeping watch

over them!

She has also raised 2 amazing litters of puppies! She does

a majority of the training once the puppies are

old enough, and she has done a wonderful job! We

hope that everyone is blessed enough to have a dog as good as her!

   Denali has retired from being a mother, and has moved on to her new farm with a

new herd of sheep!



Sitka just came to us September of 2019. She is

currently 9 weeks old and we can not be any more

excited than we are right now to have her! She is a

full-blooded Anatolian Shepherd Brindle, and she comes from

16 generations of working LGDs! She traveled all the way here

from Alabama, and we cannot wait to see what a

wonderful livestock guardian dog she turns into!

RIP 10/10/2020

Sitka passed away 10/10/2020 due to a severe bowel infection. She was only 14months old and taken way too soon. Our hearts are devastated. We only hope to find another as great as her!


We started getting our meat from them to avoid the antibiotics and hormones and boy has it made a huge difference. My husband who said meat is meat even said it was life changing! So we order regularly now and rarely get our meat anywhere else. It’s nice to know that you can trust where your meat comes from. The eggs are also good! We also got our puppy from them and he is the sweetest!

Stephanie Gerke Rogers

Received 2 great guardian pups!

Carie Mike Manes