Front Page Worthy

This last month, the local newspaper made an appearance on Spring Creek Farm. Front page worthy—I think so!! Check out the article linked below!

Why Berkshire?

Why Berkshire? One thing we strive for at Spring Creek Farms is EXCELLENT pork. We believe we have just that! A huge factor is the breed we have selected — The Berkshire. A little history about the Berkshire Hog. Berkshire Hogs are a breed that originated nearly 300+ years ago! Now, that’s an old hog!...

Current Events

Hello everyone! With all of the current panic brewing through our country and many others, we are sure that like our family, you all have been monitoring the events the past week or so. We understand that this time can be difficult for many families as well as businesses. We want to assure everyone that...

Learning To Love

As kids we all grew to love certain foods….fruits, breads, sweets, and meat! But there is a whole new love and respect when raising your own meat. Raising up animals in a kind, loving way. Knowing that their life depends on you…while in return, our lives depend on them. We love watching our children grow...

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